Reading this book during an epidemic seem like bad timing at the best :v :v

Quite lots of talk about is now lighter than ever, so I left for a few days to try it out.
First impression of <1GiB RAM usage is quite impressive compare to my 1.5GiB of GNOME.
But then I started latte-dock and akonadi and things gone haywired.
Not yet , not yet

try to combie i3 with the gnome stack, but that would mean using as much RAM as for a lot less features. Big no no, IMHO

Mình gọt bưởi thì ảnh đòi dao. Đóng cửa lại gọt cho xong thì sau đó hắn lấy dao đòi đem bỏ ra khỏi nhà

Mồng 17 tết. Cũng khoảng 3-4 ngày đại ca không còn ép đi ngủ nhưng lại liên tục lấy đồ nhà đòi đem bỏ. Để xem kéo dài bao lâu

an apple orginial, or should i call it "The walking BLIND"?

Made a video about using Firefox as a keyboard driven browser. ..... ... This is it ...

I'm really loving the "single column" Mastodon layout. If you haven't tried it out head to Preferences > Appearance and uncheck the 'enable advanced web interface'. :mastodon: ❤️

This is funny. You must check it out!
Butt-Slapping Championships Is Russia's New Spanking Sport

This is funny. You must check it out!
Man gets offended by scientist saying "Black Hole"

This is funny. You must check it out!
Man gets offended by scientist saying "Black Hole"

"take a break" from . My childhood hero! Feel like a piece of memory crumbling.

I've seen some people voice concern about GNOME'S new theme, where now there is no explicit On/Off text for switches anymore but instead only colour is used to indicate state.
People are rightfully concerned that this might impact GNOME's accessibility.

Once you enable 'High Contrast' in 'Universal Access', you get icons for indicating state instead of colour, so don't worry.
GNOME's switch design pattern w…
GNOME's switch design pattern w…
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